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Car Wraps Toronto

Car Wraps Design and Installation Services in Toronto

Design print and install a high-quality and durable wrap for your vehicle with 10West. We’ll make your car stand out from the rest with unique design, beautiful quality materials, and a professional installation process.


Make a Lasting Impression

Show people who you are, what you do and how they can contact you. 10West helps you share your message and information in an effective way.

Protect Your Investment

Protect your vehicle from the regular wear and tear caused by road debris. A quality car wrap will make your factory paint last for much longer.

Make It Yours

The design professionals at 10West can bring your ideas and preferences to life and create an image that matches your brand and personality.

Work With Real Professionals

The 10West team is comprised of talented vehicle wrap pioneers that started in the vehicle wrap and graphic business in the early 90’s. We have done what we love and that is to make you stand out.

Our Warranty

  1. Your wrap will NOT crack or peel due to extreme hot or cold weather
  2. Your wrap will NOT fade due to UV exposure
  3. Your wrap will NOT damage your paint
  4. Your wrap will NOT leave adhesive residue after removal

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