File Requirements

Need to know how to format & submit graphic files? You’ve come to the right place.

Accepted File Formats

In order of preference: PDF (press quality X1a), TIF, AI, EPS, PSD, INDD (do not use INDD for wraps)

Linked Images and Fonts

Please include or embed linked images (including PDFs) and include or outline (preferred) all fonts.

Colour Space

Please work in CMYK and Pantone whenever possible.

RGB and some Pantone submitted files will shift in colour.

For colour critical elements please request an actual material sample or a colour chart for Pantone match. (additional fees will apply for colour matching service)

Please keep in mind that there are gamut limits to achievable colours in digital printing.

Image Resolution | DPI = Dots per inch

Recommended Resolutions

Vehicles/Wall Graphics/Window Graphics – no less than 72 DPI and no more than 100 DPI.

Banners – no less than 72 DPI and no more than 100 DPI.

Billboards – no less than 50DPI and no more than 72DPI

Signs/POP/High end Graphics – no less than 100DPI and no more than 300DPI.

Size & Bleed

All files must be set up to the correct size @100% scale if the program allows, or 10% if necessary. If setting up raster files @10% scale increase the DPI to match (example: 72dpi @100% = 720dpi @10%)

Bleeds must be included in submitted files when necessary. (please check with your sales rep or project manager for correct bleeds per project)

Client provided Proofs

Submitted files should include a low-resolution PDF content proof of the artwork whenever possible.

File Submission

Submit files via CD, DVD, flash drive, FTP or file transfer sites (We Transfer, Dropbox, We send it, etc.)

Please follow these guidelines to avoid delay of your job and/or unexpected charges for art time.