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Hoarding Graphic Wraps Toronto

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Hoarding Graphic Wraps are an effective solution to market your message to a diverse and huge audience during a construction rebuild or new build.

We produce and install Large Format Graphics for internal and external  use, serving retail and commercial property clients. Hoarding that is wrapped graphically usually announces the arrival of a new store or features a new product which builds brand awareness, creates attention and anticipation for what’s coming. Let us complete an onsite survey or your hoarding location to determine your requirements. We typically work with your design agency to execute your message accurately and meet the tightest deadlines.

Hoarding Wraps in Toronto are frequently use for storefront windows, real estate properties, construction sites, mall storefronts. They can be produced with printed adhesive backed vinyl or large scrim banner material.

Call on us, we will deliver!


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Thank you for the Signs!

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On March 8th, 2014 at Oshawa Airport an awesome event was hosted to introduce Women to the world of aviation during The Women of Aviation World Wide Week. We were proud to be part of such a great event by doing our little part!

“Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for the generous donation of the sponsor signs for our event on Saturday. The large one hung from the rafters and the smaller one (which had been intended for the lobby) ended up on the hangar door, at eye level. That actually worked out better, as the large one was a bit too high (the top of the sign was maybe 10 to 20 feet below the girders), and the smaller one was more visible (learning for next year)

Thank you so much for your contribution to the success of the event! We flew almost 140 women and girls! We also had aviation related displays in the hangar, videos and presentations by inspiring women working in the aviation industry.”

Lesley Page
Chapter Chair
First Canadian Chapter
The Ninety-Nines –



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Do Vehicle Wraps Damage your Vehicle Paint?


A correctly installed vinyl wrap will not damage the vehicle’s factory paint underneath. In many cases, a wrap will actually protect the paint of your vehicle from sunlight, small scratches, and dings from rocks or debris. Upon removal, your original paint should look like new.

Should I Wrap or Not?

Vehicle wraps offer many benefits to business owners as they are an extremely cost-effective way to brand and market your business. And the main concern for car owners is if this form of advertising can damage a vehicle’s paint or leased vehicle paint for that matter.

A good vehicle wrapping company will take great care in not damaging the paint on installation. When the correct quality materials are used, the adhesive layer that comes in contact with the paint will not cause any damage.

Promote On The Go

With a custom-designed vinyl wrap for your car, truck, trailer or any other type of vehicle, you can advertise your business every time you drive. Even when you are parked, you still make business by showing your brand to people.

Vehicle wraps are printed from 54″ wide roll usually and can wrap and cover the entire vehicle or be a partial wrap and cover only a portion of the vehicle.

Get A Unique and Lasting Look

If you want to express your individuality with a one-of-a-kind look, designer vehicle wraps are also an option other than custom paint jobs, and they come in unique finishes like matte, carbon fibre and chrome.

Suppliers and manufacturers of vinyl films and overlaminates state that vehicle wraps last three to five years, I have seen them last much longer with proper care.

When considering the costs of adding branding to your business, most owners consider wraps a long-term investment. They are much more affordable than a full paint job and when your business is ready to update their campaign, the vinyl will come off easily so your car will be ready for a new wrap.

Promote Your Business With a Vehicle Wrap

Learn more about the vehicle wrap design and installation services by 10West.


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Wall Art

Professional Wall Wrap Art by HP

The HP PVC-Free wallpaper and the HP Latex Ink has allowed us at 10West to create a low-VOC, odorless solution to customize your personal or commercial interior spaces.

In the past, the only solution was to use solvent-based printing. However, the vinyl took days to cure and the odor lasted for weeks. We realized that the market had tremendous potential, but to tap fully into it, we needed a solution that was odorless, easy to use, and allowed our designs to stand out.

So we turned to HP.

And HP PVC-free Wallpaper helps every installation go more smoothly. Not only can 10West install large, complex murals with fewer people than in a comparable vinyl installation, but our customers are finding that our ability to reposition HP PVC-free Wallpaper after it has already been affixed to the wall is taking the sweat out of self-installations and DIY projects.

Our new addition to our production capability is the HP 260. It provides exceptional quality that is durable for indoor and outdoor prints and we can print on a variety of media including double sided printing. And the best part, it comes out dry from the printer with no outgassing, which allows for faster delivery times for our customers.

Personalize Your Space and Create Unique Decorations With Our HP Wall Art Solution

Obtain high-quality wall decorations for commercial, retail, and residential spaces with our HP WallArt Solution. This simple, comprehensive tool lets you design your wall online with our simple and easy to use tool.

Try out our Customized WallArt App and design your project now

Quick facts

  • HP PVC-free Wallpaper and HP Latex Inks allow 10West to create odorless murals that have a lower environmental impact than PVC-containing alternatives.
  • HP Designjet printers and HP PVC-free Wallpaper are easy to use, accelerating the delivery and installation of a range of applications.
  • Our High Resolution printer creates photographic quality prints that will look and last for years
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Vehicle Wrap Types

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How to Pick the Right Wrap Size for Your Vehicle

Now that you know the benefits of installing a customized wrap to your vehicle and promoting your business on the go, another question may come up. What size do I choose? Well, we can help you with that.

At 10West, we offer a variety of vehicle wrap sizes to meet your marketing goals and budget. In this article we’ll go through the most common ones.

Full Wrap

This is a full coverage wrap that will give your company the biggest impression. Virtually every inch of you vehicle will be covered in high performance vehicle wrapping vinyl, if you are considering a large-scale design, and a powerful message that requires impactful visuals, this would be the perfect choice.

3/4 Wrap

The 3/4 Vehicle wrap will cover just about the whole vehicle. Typically we’ll leave the from 1/4 panels and the hood unwrapped. This would be a good choice if you want to merge the existing paint of your vehicle with a great complementing design.

1/2 Wrap

The 1/2 Wrap is an effective way of getting your design and marketing installed on your vehicle, if you are on a budget or are looking for a more minimalistic style. In the end, it all depends on how much of the vehicle’s original color you still want to show.

1/4 Wrap

For those business owners and marketers that want to showcase a more subtle design, the 1/4 wrap is for those who don’t need the full impact of a vehicle wrap but want to get their message across in an economical way. Perfect for boosting brand and design awareness on the go.

Vehicle Lettering and Logos

For decades, this has been the most traditional way of lettering a vehicle. Place your logo, phone number, and service offered, short and to the point. While this approach might not generate the most visual impact, it helps you display and promote your brand and logo to the public.

Do you have any ideas or interesting wrap designs in mind for you vehicle? Let 10West know. We can help you choose the right type of wrap to showcase your message properly. Contact us now.

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